Hello, my name is Cheryl and I’ve been living in Manchester since 2011. It’s my home and I am a proud adopted Mancunian.

I originally came to Manchester to study Philosophy at MMU. These days I’m the Events Manager at Forever Manchester, a local charity. I love my job and working in marketing and events.

I began my first blog in 2012, and enjoy writing food, drinks, lifestyle, events and more.

I actually started off as a volunteer for the charity for about a year before they offered me the job. It was a great way to get to know about the work they do and showcase my own capabilities for securing a permanent role. Whilst I was doing this I also had several clients as a freelance marketing and events professional.

My long term goal is having my own business – so I have set up Chill.

Chill Marketing and Events10556451_10155344439820722_3289494969148656436_n.jpg

I love working in events and marketing, building campaigns and seeing them through to successful fruition. There is never a dull moment.

I have wide breadth of experience – from large banquet dinners, with awards and various types of performances, to building up networking events, hosting art exhibitions and more.

If you need anything from event management to digital marketing please don’t hesitate to contact me cheryljaniehill@gmail.com.

Thanks x

Twitter: @Miss_CherylHill

Instagram: /miss_cherylhill

Pinterest: /cheryljanie


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