#PizzaIsLife – My top 3 Pizza picks in Manchester


Let’s be fair by now pizza deserves to be it’s own food catergory. A catergory of one glorious food stuff made from dough, tomatoe, cheese and an array of delicious toppings. It’s an absolute staple and a necessity to a busy life schedule. A grab and go, an easy bite amongst friends, something to please all.

Fortunately for us Manchester is home to a variety of pizza places, that cater from traditional to the slightly less traditional. I want to share my top three choices with you.

1. Crazy Pedros – Quirky

If you’re looking for amazing pizza, and that is served until 4am, then Crazy Pedro’s is the pizza place for you. Not only is their magherita amazing, but serves as a perfect base for the  unique selections of toppings that Crazy Pedros have become representative of.  Stand out pizzas for me on their regular menu are the aptly names “Pedro’s World Famous Hot Dog” pizza made up of beer soaked franks, American cheese, crispy onions, ketchup and mustard. Something about this pizza just creeps into you and can become a very real and stressful craving, you just need to have it. Also by far the best choice for the end of the night. Followed closely by the “Nacho Libre”, chilli sauce, American cheese, jalapenos, tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo. Spicy, crunchy and  fresh… please give me more of this any time of day.

Keep an eye out for their monthly specials, the one pictured above was the “Off your Noodle”, chicken, sweetcorn, mushroom (all my three fave toppings) with NOODLES… I live for carb on carb greatness and this pizza was a winner for me!

The end of the night option, or anytime of day for something a little more quirky, Crazy Pedro’s has got your back. Don’t forget to add a shot of mezcal to round off your meal πŸ˜‰.

2. Vapiano – Fresh

3. Rudy’s – Traditional

Rudy’s are a Neapolitan pizzeria based in Ancoats. A restaurant that is relaxed and has all of its focus on the food, they say their pizza follows the “artistry and tradition” of pizza from Naples and it is cooked expertly. They are incredibly proud of their pizza, as they should be. They make the dough on site and it’s left to proove for 20hrs, creating a gorgeous base, with a thick but light doughy crust (not even sure if crust is the right word), this means the pizza only needs to be cooked for 60 seconds therefore creating a base that isn’t crispy, but floppy and soft. This worked for me, I tore the crust off and dipped it into some delicious olive oil and then ate the rest with a knife and fork. I had the Prosciutto Cotto, with cooked ham, tomatos, fior di latte, basil and oregano. It was heavenly, I couldn’t eat it fast enough. 

What has put me off about going to Rudy’s before now is it’s notoriously busy and the wait sounds endless, however having Seven Brothers across the way certainly helps with the that, but I would wait for their pizza now for as long as it took. I recently went to Rome and it kicked all the pizza I had over there to the ground. I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to have this amazing place on our doorstep. I washed it all down with the Runaway Beer Summer Saison, is there anything better than pizza with beer?… the answer is obviously no! 

So if you want a taste of Naples in Manchester, Rudy’s is for you.

Have a difference of opinion? I’d love to know… after all as I said pizza is basically a staple food. Tweet me your suggestions @Miss_CherylHill.


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