My views on International Women’s Day 2017 – Keep fighting for equality


Yesterday was International Women’s Day. A day where women and men come together to focus on the issues women face daily across the world, to speak up and stand out. Declare that they will not stand for it. They will proclaim that they are part of the fight to change the laws, stereotypes and oppressive attitudes that plague how women are represented.

Here are a couple of my favourite tweets from the day….

It is an inspiring and empowering day however that being said it’s only one day. On this day it is deemed reasonable for a person or a company to showcase that they too are for equality, that we women deserve the same rights as men. That we are not lesser and we should not be treated as such. This my friends is an ongoing issue. It doesn’t start and end with the effort you put in one day a year.

I’m fortunate that the people I associate with feel as I do and that the fight is everyday. The battle is one that isn’t won by giving us a day, it will be attained when we women have EQUAL RIGHTS to men! 

When a woman can be whoever she wants to be without someone calling her out for her choices! It’s won when a woman can walk alone home at night without constant fear, without having to think of how every action might implicate her even if she is the one being attacked, when her clothes don’t dictate how people judge her. It’s won when she can take time off work to have a baby if she chooses, and she can go back to work if she chooses without people tutting at her decision because it’s not their decision to make! It’s won when there is an equal number of women in parliament helping make the decision that represent 50% of the country. It’s won when EVERY woman has the right to vote. It’s won when EVERY woman has the right to education. When someone who is born male can choose to become the woman that they know they are and is truly considered as such. When the term ‘girly’ isn’t thrown out as an insult. When a woman can be masculine and not be called a lesbian as an insult… basically there is still a lot of work to do and that’s why yes it’s great to celebrate the day and share all the stories. I celebrate it and I love the rush of everyone coming together specifically on one day, so long as they keep working on it the rest of the time.

The only way to win is to make the people who don’t believe in equality, such as that polish MEP who said “Women must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent”, the minority. These ignorant people need to be educated else they spend their time chipping away at our hard work and they won’t relent without us also being there to counter that behaviour and judgment.

So share the positive stories, the improvements, the support and breakthroughs for women’s rights and equality. I would urge everyone, man or woman, to call out that kind of crap when you see it/read it/hear it. Call out the people who question any women’s worth.

These are pressing times and we must stand together. Consistently demand that things change to truly have the impact and results we know we deserve.

Go out and join local groups, join communities online and get involved. 

And to finish a little twist on a classic quote…

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good WOmen to do nothing (1).png

Hashtag: #IWD2017

Twitter: @womensday


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