“Oishii” – Shoryu has come home to Manchester


The wonderful thing about Manchester is the wide and varying options when it comes to eating out and now another another delight has come on the scene to bring us all the ramen.

Shoryu is a Japanese restaurant specialising in authentic Hakata cuisine and opened up in November right slap bang in Piccadilly Gardens. The first one outside of London, as it should be!

With my student years not far behind me I have fond memories of making endless amounts of noodles to feed my hangovers and sustain me through my studies… this is not the kind of noodles Shoryu have the kind of time for.

Shoryu have the kind of ramen that students dream of. A grown up noodle, with a sophistication that sheds the memories of throwing overcooked and under flavoured crap noodles down ones throat in bed after a hard night drinking.

The ramen at Shoryu is filled with bursts of flavour and the ramen dish I opted for (the one recommended on the menu) Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu which they describe as “a richer, thicker, meatier tonkotsu broth, double nitamago egg” and not to bow to the menu description but they couldn’t be more on point. The broth was so, so good and meaty barely touches on it. It was liquid meat. Also I googled it and it’s totally acceptable to slurp it all up, and I’m almost certain that the louder you do it the better it tastes.


Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu (above)

(look at that EGG)

To be honest, the ramen so was filling we probably didn’t need to order anything else, but I take my craft (and hunger) very seriously and ordered some extra bits to try as well. This included Shoryu Edamame Beans, which are  lightly salted. Simple but efficient and happens to be my favourite way to have edamame beans. Ticked that box.


Edamame Beans (above)

To top it all off we treated ourselves to some Shoryu buns with grilled halloumi & shimeji mushrooms. It also came with a sweet and spicy sauce. Whilst the bun held together really well compared to other times I’ve had this style of food, it was probably my least favourite thing. I’m not sure how the halloumi was cooked but it was a bit squeaky for me. I still ate them all so it’s less of a complaint and more of an observation.


Halloumi & shimeji mushrooms Shoryu Buns (above)

So what did we whet our whistle with I hear you ask? How could we not opt for the menu recommended Kirin Nama Draft (4.5%) which is served japanese style with super froth in a chilled glass. It was difficult to get past that chilled froth but I could envision having this more specifically in their little outside area on one of those rare hot and sunny Manchester days.


Kirin Nama Draft (above)

My overall opinion is it’s a lovely, lively and location wise spot on. I would go back with friends or on a date night before doing something else like the cinema etc. The open kitchen and seating arrangement can suit any style of outing your having and the service was great considering at the time we went it was near enough only just open.

Website: www.shoryuramen.com

Twitter: @shoryuramen

Facebook: /ShoryuRamen


*I was lucky enough to get vouchers to cover the cost of the Ramen dish only


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