International Women’s Day – #pledgeforparity


What I love most about International Women’s Day is that sense of solidarity. All these amazing women and men coming together to celebrate women who have in the past not had a voice.

It’s an opportunity to shout about the amazing groups of people in the world who are working hard to fight against inequality. How can it make sense that half the population doesn’t have half the representation?

The fact is it doesn’t and that is why the #pledgeforparity is the perfect campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day and one that I can whole heartedly get behind. We see it in the media and our general lives every day. Women are constantly being attacked for wanting equality. For not wanting to be the ones who are to blame in sexual assault, for not wanting to pay tax on something that is absolutely not a luxury, for wanting equal representation in our government.


Women don’t have the same opportunities as men and many women know this. The thing I’m keen on is more men coming to understand that feminism and International Women’s Day isn’t about fighting against them but working with them to make sure that these opportunities are opened up to women in the way they already are to men.

The only way that we will achieve equal representation is if the chance for it to actually happen is available.

As a woman I talk about feminism and the opportunity for equality quite freely. I have created a women’s networking event within my job (that wouldn’t be as successful without all the other amazing women that work on it with me) that raises money to support female led projects, I talk to my sister every day about my nephews and seeing that they grow up in an environment where they can play with whatever toys they want be it trucks or dolls, I work hard to make sure my voice is heard in meetings and my opinion is taken seriously and I support other women in their dreams.

I don’t believe in tearing someone down because it’s hard to be a woman in business and there isn’t enough to go around, I believe we all need to be there for each other and I am fortunate to work for a charity that supports women in communities and the work place. The only time I will not want to work with someone is because of their personality not their gender.

One of the best things I hear at my job is that we support what’s strong, not what’s wrong. This should absolutely be the case for #pledgeforparity as we surely are stronger together.

I’d like to think that its common sense and that these things will change sooner rather than later, but people need to get behind it and push it to make this happen.

You can make your pledge on the International Women’s Day website here.


Twitter: @womensday

Facebook: /Internationalwomensday


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