That time of year is rolling around again and we can expect to see all that ‘New Year New Me’ stuff. Where people pick apart themselves with grand hopes of creating a newer more spectacular version of themselves overnight. I have one question… why?

I try and convince myself to be better every week never mind just the end of the year, better diet, better clothes, better understanding of the world around me and to be blunt I haven’t become some thin glamazon with intricate knowledge of the world and how it works – instead I have grown to love myself more and be proud of what I have achieved.  We all know that generally change cannot happen in a night so why do we put so much pressure on New Year’s Eve?

I’ve lost count of all the New Year’s I’ve made promises to myself and it just gets tiring and makes me feel worse when I already know I will lose interest after the first two weeks.

I won’t be doing that this year. I will instead choose to look back at the past year and focus on what I’ve achieved. I’m swapping out the negatives for the positives. Instead of thinking my lord I’m so fat, haggard and uninteresting how can I magically change this? I will  instead focus on what I’ve loved, laughed and most of all lived for this past year.

The only thing I will continue to do (and not just because it’s New Year) is to focus on being me and just improving things over time and next year I will write a list of what I’ve achieved in 2016 and every year I will get to look back and think how awesome I’ve been at just being me. So what I want is for people to do the same thing, write a list of all your achievements, little excitements and happiness’s from the last year and don’t change unless it’s for you! Have a little positive ‘me time’!

It’s a New Year but you’re still you and you are fabulous… #NewYearStillMe


My List for 2015

  1. Moved home again to save money and be a grown up
  2. Throwing the Forever Manchester 25th Birthday raising £38,000 (next year will be bigger and better)
  3. Starting Forever Manchester Women, getting to connect with other women from Greater Manchester to support and inspire each other
  4. I went on a plane for the first time in 14years and it was terrifying but I also got to go to Belfast and see the lovely Alice and Peter
  5. Met some truly beautiful new friends
  6. Bounced on a bouncy castle
  7. Went down to London to see Amanda Palmer and Caitlin Moran was her special guest… LOVED IT
  8. Crocheted my first blanket
  10. Went to a crisp sarnie shop…
  11. …and a cat cafe
  12. Hit 2,000 followers on my twitter
  13. Started this new blog
  14. Watched all of Ru Paul and  LOVED IT (there was a small intervention due to my constant quoting of the show)
  15. Ran the Manchester 10k and didn’t die
  16. Worked with The E Word to raise more money than ever before for Caketober!
  17. Met my gorgeous boyfriend
  18. Finally watched all of Sex and the City and fell in love with it
  19. Doing a vintage style photo shoot and feeling absolutely fabulous about it

I don’t doubt there are more but I can’t think of them right now. All I know is it’s been a wonderful year and because I want it to be, next year will be too.



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