Mog on the Tyne (Newcastle)


In recent years some exciting things have been going on in the world of cafes, gone are the days of just expecting a fry up and a selection of sarnies. Now cafes are expanding… we’ve had crisp sandwich cafes, cereal cafes and now we have cat cafes.

Manchester is due 3 cat cafes in the new year and so I made it my business to visit one of the few open in the UK at the moment. My cafe of choice was Mog on the Tyne based in (you guessed it) Newcastle. I love a pun name. Here is hoping at least one of the Manchester sites follows suit.

So what should one expect with a cat cafe?

It really depends. At Mog on the Tyne you have to book in advance for an hour at £5, you can add an extra hour for £2.50. You are welcomed in and asked to pop off your shoes (you are offered complimentary slippers) and use the antiseptic soap and they then allow you into their cat haven.

Cat trees, cat toys and boxes are scattered amidst the chairs and tables (for people) there are even a set of steps up to the ceiling where a little wooden bridge is strung up for all 10 cats to wander along and eye up new comers filing into the cafe. I’m currently missing my little cat Freya so this is a good way as well for me to get some solid cat time while I’m away.


Hello down there peasants…

All the cats are rescued from a local shelter but they are very friendly. They seem quite content to chill out and wander up to the guests as and when they please, as cats do. However, the staff bring out treats for the visitors to the cafe and woosh an avalanche of cats descend upon you. It is so very cute. My sister and I were both very content to sit and watch the cats just do their thing whilst sipping on our delicious hot chocolate. One thing I can easily say is that it’s such a relaxing place to be even with the neon pink decorations and bright wall art (which I love) it’s just so lovely. We had brought along my 6 year old nephew and he was more than content with following the cats around and watching them play. If we could have stayed longer we would have and we’re already planning our next trip. The staff were really friendly and happy to chat about the cats and their unique personalities. Stan the Man is fast becoming a celeb among the visitors to the cafe and online.

Some cute little things I spotted were one little cat whilst jumping up to a lady to get treats got it’s little foot in her drink (she drank it anyway). Also there was one simple black stick with a bit of string that the cats seemed to take in turns to drag around the cafe. They also have a wheel a bit like a hamster wheel on which the cats can just run and run on. This in particular excited my nephew. The people who ordered food certainly got the most attention as cats sat patiently hoping for scraps… which was adorable.

It fills me full of thoughts of what I should expect from the cat cafes coming to Manchester, but mainly it just makes me more excited.

Also to anyone who poo poo’s cat cafes as another novelty… so what? These cats would be sat in a cattery waiting on someone to adopt them without this. Now they are getting love and attention all day long and to me that is beautiful. I say nay to the nay sayers and more cat cafes for everyone.

We also bought some mugs… because that logo tho!

 Twitter: @mogonthetyne

Facebook: /newcastlecatcafe



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