That time I went to Vapiano…


So on my old blog I was lucky enough to go and try Vapiano and now ladies and gents, it’s opening in MANCHESTER at the newly done up Corn Exchange (which is looking very swish).

Thought I’d share my old post as it was a great day and a lots of great food!!

Vapiano – The Corn Exchange – July/June 2015

I was recently very kindly invited to London to try out the three Vapianos they have down there. The reason for this is one will be opening in the brand spanky new Corn Exchange very soon. Here is what I thought of the experience.


Vapiano, what else can I say except they have got this game down. The venue’s themselves are fresh, comfy and slick, with chalkboards and notices filled with quotes and little fun facts about the location your in, Manchester’s should have plenty to go on then. With lots of different seating options in each of the three we tried, making them perfect for groups, one on ones and even business lunches. Especially business lunches as the service is so quick and easy.

You each get a nifty little card that you use as a tab essentially for whatever you order, then pay at the end. I think this is brilliant for big groups, saves everyone pulling out their calculators at the end of a meal and that one guy crying out, ‘I didn’t have any of the wine… I only had water’… seriously who is this guy?

Plus all the food is made there in front of you, sure you have to get up and collect it, but it’s so fresh and bloody it’s delicious. I had a little selection ranging from the deli board, some of the salads… the strawberry, goats cheese and spinach one with a raspberry maple dressing is a real novelty. If your ordering you can ask for more or less of anything. For me this works with more goats cheese and a sprinkle of the dressing, otherwise it’s too sweet. I do not have a sweet tooth, but the way I want it is absolutely bob on. The seasonal salad was so good though, I could of sucked the dressing up with a straw. The seasonal options change every two months. So if your keen on something new every now and again, definitely a good option.

The pasta and pizza are just lovely. Like I said they make it all there in front of you and if you want more of something or less you can ask and chef listens. They have a wide range of classic dishes and international creations. I had the unusual crayfish and lobster sauce and I got to choose which style of pasta took my fancy. In this case tagellatelli. Oh lord it was good. It really highlights the diversity of dishes available. Not forgetting you can tailor them to what you want. I also had the parma ham, fig and mozzarella pizza. At this point I was pretty full but forced down several slices as it was just so good. One of those perfect combinations that you cannot get enough of. They also very kindly gave me a fresh fig, first time I’ve ever tried one that wasn’t in a fig roll… verdict is… I love figs. I keep mentioning how you can edit the dishes to taste, I just think it’s so simple and works great for anyone that goes. No one will go into Vapiano and not find something they enjoy.


Our pasta dishes and pizza… very generous with cheese… we like…

This is important now, I stress that when you do go to the one opening in Manchester get the baked cheesecake! It is just gorgeous!! The potted puds were less enticing for me, except for the pannacotta! The tang between the sauce and smooth vanilla was perfect.


Follow them…

Twitter: @VapianoUK



Thanks to Charlie Hooson-Sykes for the use of her instagram pics


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