So I’ve started a new blog…


I have decided now is the time for me to start a new blog. Cheers to change and moving forwards. Not that I didn’t love my old blog because I really did, but I felt it was clogged up with ‘old’ me. I’ve changed a lot and I need a new blog to suit this.

So it’s going to be pretty much more of the same, chatting aimlessly about food, drinks and day to day stuff I get up to in this fine city. Maybe some additional bits and pieces… who knows let’s not get bogged down in too much detail. Easy breezy.

I work at local charity Forever Manchester and I absolutely love it. I’m the Events and Volunteer Officer and I get to do such an amazing variety of things. I’ve been there a year now and have big plans for the progression of the events there.

Obviously those of you who know me, know this but for those of you who don’t I hope that you enjoy this.

Twitter: @Miss_CherylHill

Instagram: /miss_cherylhill

Pinterest: /cheryljanie


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